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Girona city, province's capital, is a gentle city and it's accessible to everybody. Girona offers a relaxing environment together with unforgettable walks and beautiful landscapes. Also known as "the city of the four rivers"  (given that the rivers Ter, Onyar, Güell and Galligants pass through the city), Girona has known how to combine the essence and humanity of old times small cities with the dynamics and modernity of nowadays cities.

   Let be seduced by the enchants of the city of Girona and it's  "barri vell", the city's charming historic neighborhood.

   -    "El call", jewish history in Girona
   -    Corners and alleys in the medieval village
   -    Girona, land of legends
   -    Modernism in Girona
   -    …

   We organize personalized tours. Tell us about your interests and we will find the route that best fits your desires.
Tours & Guides